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We develop high-load Internet systems: CRM, ERP, marketplace, aggregator, BI, big data analysis system, service desk, incident management system, online casino, booking and sharing systems, IoT and blockchain systems.

What we can
Incident Management System
Centralized system of registration and control of incident resolution
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Bike sharing system
Minsk, Belarus
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Transmission monitoring system for laboratory research data
Moscow Region system for monitoring expenses and performing medical tests in the laboratories of the territorial compulsory Medical Insurance Fund
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Package production management system
System manages the entire package production life cycle - from ordering raw materials to interacting with customers.

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The infornation system automates compulsory medical insurance activities of the Moscow Region Government Contact-Center.
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Integration platform for Atomenergosbyt
Integration platform for connecting all customer services with a single bus
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Video stream Internet broadcasting system
Full cycle of organizing the broadcast of the Lotto draw for the web
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Social Taxi Management System
The system automates the order management and execution of orders for the delivery of low mobility of citizens to social facilities.
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Our technologies
JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Svelte, Vue.js, React, Single Page Applications (SPA), Progressive Web App (PWA) PostCSS, ES6 Modules, Webpack, Gulp, Rollup, jQuery, Backbone.js, REST, WebSockets, SVG, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Bootstrap, Material Design
Node.js, Golang, PHP
Application platform, integration and scaling
NGINX, Apache HTTP Server, RabbitMQ, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Kafka
Monitoring and testing solutions
Zabbix, Graphite, ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), Selenium
Databases, storage (relational and noSQL)
PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Redis, Microsoft SQL Server
Hosting, virtualization and containerization, load management
Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, VMWare ESX, Lunix (Debian, Ubuntu)
Continuous build, packaging, delivery and deployment, DevOps
GitLab CI/CD, Teamcity, Webpack, npm, Docker registry, Gulp, Webpack, Rollup, Git
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