Contact center automation system
Customer: Territorial Compulsory Health Insurance Fund of the Moscow Region.
Short description: The customer has been using an old system based on paid licensed products for many years. Our task was to develop a system that automates the work of the Contact Center, based on the functionality of the old system. In addition, it is necessary to significantly improve the functionality, for example:
  • registration of verbal communications of citizens
  • referral to medical insurance organisations
  • checking and closing verbal appeal of citizens by the Contact Center administrator
  • search for verbal appeals of citizens
  • reporting the formation of appeals
Technologies we use:
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Language: GO
  • Front-end: JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Framework: HarmonyOS
Complexity of the project:
  • Confusing business logic.
  • Short time.
  • Complex integration with external systems.
  • Deployment in a closed network segment entailed the need to implement an atypical system for deploying to servers.
We have developed a system based on the already used one, while significantly expanding the functionality. The new system is based entirely on open-source solutions and has a license purity.